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Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

The laws and legal systems throughout the world are a highly complex and diverse assortment of rules, regulations, and guidelines. For most countries, there are cultural as well as formal foundations to many laws, and understanding all these various aspects of the law is what the best criminal defense attorney strives to do.

The complexities of international and domestic laws can overwhelm even the most dedicated and organized individuals. For example, there are issues such as immigration, international business, family, corporate and civil rights, and criminal defense issues that can overlap across established boundaries and legal systems.

A person in need of the best criminal defense attorney, especially if he or she is foreign to the country, may not know where to turn for aggressive, knowledgeable, and reliable legal defense. A good place for such an individual to look would be within a firm that has worked both in immigration and criminal law on an international level as well as a domestic one.

Finding a group that knows and understands such a wide range of laws can feel virtually impossible. Where can you find a law firm that can offer that sort of experience and knowledge?

At Elliot R. Warren, it is a lawyer with a general practice in Westport, Connecticut for over 15 years. His practice areas include: Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury and many other legal matters that pertain to business and individual situations.

Attorney Warren’s practice covers both State and Federal Courts in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. He also appears in Federal Courts in New York, the District of Columbia and other jurisdictions.

Please contact their Westport law firm with questions about your legal issue. Provide as much information as possible regarding your inquiry. While this contact does not serve to establish an attorney/client relationship, it will allow their legal team to begin an assessment of your case.

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