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What A Divorce Lawyer Is Going To Do For You

If you are getting a divorce or even just considering it then you need to be sure to choose the right divorce lawyer. You will find many a divorce lawyer in your area but be aware that not all of them are as good as others. You need to have the best divorce lawyer that you can afford when it comes to your divorce. If you don’t you could end up paying much more than you thought and the article is not talking about the divorce lawyer fees. This article is talking settlement or even alimony or palimony. Then there is custody to consider if you have children. So take care with your divorce lawyer choice.

When you are trying to get a divorce your divorce lawyer is going to petition the courts to get your marriage dissolved. This means coming to an agreement in terms of all property and money that you as a couple have had possession of. There are several grounds for divorce and your divorce lawyer will help you to choose the grounds that suit your particular situation the best. You will have the choice of adultery, time apart, unreasonable behavior and sometimes even fraud or irreconcilable differences are the way to go. Bottom line is that you should never make any important decisions concerning your divorce without first talking things over with your divorce lawyer. Your divorce lawyer is the professional who has the experience that will help you through this trying time.

What will your divorce lawyer be doing all of the time they are working for you? Your divorce lawyer will spend most of his or her time working on the distribution of conjugal property. How your property is divided will depend on a couple of things. Some of these things will be how much there is to begin with and how much belonged to whom before the marriage, the length of the marriage and the place in which you live. Every country, even every state has its own rules concerning the distribution of property and only your divorce lawyer will be able to help you make all of the right decisions.

Your divorce lawyer is considered to be your legal representation. This means that this divorce lawyer is the person who will often speak for you in court and out of court. Your divorce lawyer needs to be present at every meeting that you have with your spouse’s lawyer or your spouse. Never talk about the case without your divorce lawyer being present and on hand. You never know what you could say that could jeopardize your divorce case, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Established in 1976, the Law Offices of Thomas Chase Stutzman, A Professional Corporation provides effective, dedicated advocacy for clients navigating the stress and uncertainty of divorce and other family law matters. Their team-based approach and reputation for integrity means their clients from the South San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley of California and throughout the United States can rely on them to give them straight answers and protect their rights.

They handle and resolve all family law related issues including:

* Divorce
* Custody and Visitation Rights
* Child and Spousal Support
*Division of Property
* Pre and Post nuptial Agreements
* Restraining Orders
* Delinquent Support Payments
* Attorney’s Fees

There is no charge for the initial half hour consultation if you are looking for a California divorce and family law attorney. Please contact to schedule your initial consultation.

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